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Naviance is a web-based research and planning tool for New Ventures students and College and Career Counselors. The website manages individual students as they move through the entire college planning, application, and decision process. Through Naviance, counselors and students can communicate about upcoming deadlines and important notices. Naviance will be your first and most important resource for college planning. New Ventures is partnering with Lavelle Prep to bring this resource to students.

To use Naviance, students will go to On the top right corner, click Sign In, then select Students and Families Sign In. Once you reach this page, you will search for your school using its postal code, which for Lavelle is 10311. Select Lavelle Prep Charter School from your results. Now that you have reached Family Connection, you will input your username, which
is your firstname.lastname and your password, which is your OSIS number.

You may also login to Naviance at

Here are some of the features that make Naviance so helpful:

Colleges Tab 

My Colleges Section
In this section, there are two links: "Colleges I'm Thinking About" and "Colleges I'm Applying To". Students will be able to develop their list of "Colleges I'm Thinking About" by adding colleges they are interested in through Naviance's college search tools. This list can be updated at any time. 

College Research Section
In this section, there are three links that students can use to research colleges: "Super Match College Search", "College Lookup", and "College Search". Each of these links will allow students to research colleges using different methods of exploration. They may use whichever tool they prefer. If a school appeals to a student while using one of these search tools, just click on "Add to Colleges I'm Thinking About" and then he/she will be able to access the college anytime from his/her "Colleges I'm Thinking About" list. 
Super Match College Search provides students with the ability to search for schools across the country based upon a wide range of characteristics. From majors to Greek life, or school size to graduation rates, Super Match enables students to identify the preferences that are most important to them.
College Lookup provides a quick and easy way to lookup a college by name, by letter of the alphabet, by state, or by country.
College Search allows students to search for colleges based upon location, size,competitiveness (in admissions), religious affiliations, academics,athletics, cost, and other considerations. They can redo this search as many times as they like, entering different preferences each time. 
College Match integrates the schools from your "Colleges I'm Thinking About" list,your standardized test scores, and academic information to identify colleges and universities you may also want to consider. College Match will produce a list of schools similar to the schools in which you have indicated interest. 
College Resources provides links to websites that are helpful for college and career research, financial aid assistance, and standardized test preparation. 
Enrichment Programs are provided through a partnership that Naviance has with TeenLife. TheTeenLife database is updated quarterly and includes programs for community service, summer, and more. 

Scholarships & Money
 In this section, you will find information about scholarships in which students may be eligible. Check it regularly for new opportunities. New Ventures can upload our own list of local or national scholarships for students to explore or be matched directly with a scholarship through Scholarship Match and Scholarship List. 
National Scholarship Search is a scholarship tool hosted by Sallie Mae. You can search for local and national scholarships that match your field of interest, major of study,location, gender, ethnicity, grades, and more.  

Careers Tab

Explore Careers
When using Explore Careers and Clusters,you will be provided with a job description; information on skills,abilities and knowledge areas; typical task and activities; and wages on careers you are interested in. Career clusters are a way of grouping careers with common features and skills. Careers grouped into the same cluster typically require similar education and training. Exploring clusters can be a useful way to find a good career match, especially if you have general areas of interest but are not sure what specific careers match those interests. Much like the "Colleges I'm Thinking About" list, "Favorite Careers and Clusters" allows students to develop a list of careers they may be interested in. 

What are my interests?
Do What You Are is an assessment used to help you identify your natural tendencies. It will aid you in achieving greater self awareness and more confidence in your personality traits. These insights will assist you in making better decisions by taking advantage of your innate strengths. Use the results to explore suggested college majors and careers based on your preferences and strengths. 
Career Interest Profiler is an online career interest assessment based on Holland's interest codes.The results of the assessment include your strongest field of interest with definitions of all the Holland interest codes (Realistic,Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, Conventional). Students can view matching careers and career clusters organized by the amount of preparation each needs.

Roadtrip Nation Interview Archive
The Roadtrip Nation Interview Archive in Naviance features over 3,500 video interviews with individuals who have forged through challenges to accomplish unique goals. These leaders candidly discuss hardships, successes and the obstacles they overcame to create a meaningful life on their own terms. By exploring the diverse personal stories of those that have gone before them, students using the Archive gain exposure to career pathways they may not have known existed, and can actively begin thinking about colleges, majors, and career goals that reflect their unique talents and aspirations.

About Me Tab

Success Plan 
The Success Planning tools in Naviance, Goals and Tasks,allow students and school staff members to set goals and create tangible, action-oriented, and personalized plans that focus students on the future. Students can contribute to this plan by creating to-dos and marking items as completed.

My Assessments
My Assessments holds all of the information from the assessments, you have taken on Naviance. The assessments you may take are Strengths Explorer, Do What You Are, Career Interest Profiler, and Cluster Finder. 
Strengths Explorer identifies each student’s three strongest emerging talents, provides explanations of these themes, strategies for capitalizing on each, and action items to help students gain insight into their greatest talents to leverage in the classroom and in life. 

Interesting Things About Me

Portfolio creates an online record of all the student's interests, strengths,college planning and more. Everything the student has worked on in Naviance is accessible through their portfolio. 
Resume will help students build their resume by entering their relevant skills, academic achievements, work experience and community service.The information on the resume can be rearranged into multiple versions that can be printed whenever necessary.  
Game plan is a survey that is designed to get students thinking about their future. Students will narrow down their college preferences and identify what they are looking for in a college to aid in their research.

Official Things
Students can take Naviance on the go with Naviance student for your iPhone. You may download the Naviance Student mobile app.  

My Planner

My Planner is where the success planning activity is located in Family Connection.Success planning creates tangible action-oriented, and personalized plans that focus students on their future while keeping the school and parents informed. Students can use the calendar to see goals, tasks, and to-do due dates in the next seven days, as well as a list of items that are overdue. Students can also set goals, create to-dos, and add reflections on goals.