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Who should I contact at if I have a question or want more information about Special Education services?
Theresa Peterford
347-855-2238 (#365)
Director of Special Education 

My child currently does not receive any services but I am concerned about their progress.  How do I get them evaluated?

The first step for parents who are concerned about their child's progress is always to reach out to the school.  Your child's teachers are likely already providing interventions and taking steps to help.  Schedule a school meeting so that you can express your concerns and offer your valuable insight since no one knows your child better than you. The next step would be to request an evaluation for special education services from the Committee on Special Education.  This request should be a letter that includes :
- your full name and your child's full name and date of birth
-a description of the specific difficulties that your child is exhibiting
-your contact phone number and address
* School staff is happy to assist you with this request and provide you with a parent information packet outlining the IEP process.
Building A, Second Floor
(Attn: Charter School Committee)
715 Ocean Terrace
Staten Island, NY 10301

My child already has an IEP but I would like them to be re-evaluated, what should I do?

Requesting a Reevaluation from CSE